Youth Exchanges provide an opportunity where youth from different countries can come together and learn about each other’s cultures. Groups plan Youth Exchange together on similar field of interests. Youth, besides attending to the activities abroad can also attend to the international projects that take place in their own countries. Having a really good level of English is not a necessity for attending a Youth Exchange.

  • Participants have to be between 13-30 years old. There is no age limit for the team leader.
  • Main activity should be minimum 5 and maximum 21 days not including the days for the traveling.
  • There can be minimum 16 and maximum 60 participants not including the team leaders.
  • In every group there can be minimum of 4 participants not including the team leader.
  • If a pre-visit is necessary, then the visit can be at most 2 days not including the time spent on traveling and maximum 1 person for each group (there can be 2 people if there is a minor).

The Goals of the Youth Exchanges:

  • Providing youth an atmosphere where they can learn about different cultures and gather information about them.
  • Understanding the meaning of being a European citizen.

Who Can Apply?

“Program Countries” or all the organizations (NGO, public organizations or the organizations which aim to have active profit from the social responsibility field) in the “common neighbor countries” (list of countries) can become partners and apply.

How Should a Partner Be Like?

The organizations which are legally founded in one of the Programme Country, non-profit based, regional and territorial body which is not official can become partners.

In case there is an unofficial group, the representative of the group takes the responsibility of signing the grant contract.

Who Can Participate?

Youth that reside in a Program Country and between the ages 13-30 can participate.

From Which Countries and With How Many Participants Can the Youth Exchange is Realizable?

In the application process there should be at one more partner apart from the applicant partner.

What is the Duration of the Project?

With the condition of being elected in the application process, projects are between 3 months and 2 years.

Where Does the Project Take Place?

Project can take place in either of the partner’s country.

Where to Apply?

Application is submitted by the coordinator in behalf of all the partners to the national agency where the coordinator is. Partners are not required to send application form to the national agency.

When to Apply?

Applications must be uploaded to the system in a proper way suitable with the application criteria by the coordinator before one of the three deadlines (February 4th, April 30th, or October 1st, latest 13:00 Turkish time (UTC+02:00)

  • Applications with the February 4th, 2015 deadline is for the project that begins between May 1st – September 30th 2015
  • Applications with the April 30th, 2015 deadline is for the project that begins between August 1st – December 31st 2015
  • Applications with the October 1st, 2015 deadline is for the project that begins between January 1st – May 31sh 2016